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Membership Department

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Strategic Advisory Group

Pat Blake
Chief Executive Officer
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Ken Demith
Chief Experience Officer
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Tim Gregory
Chief Learning Officer
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Christina J. Wurster, MBA
Chief Revenue Officer
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Heart Rhythm Society

Almaz Araia
Associate, Education Programs & Services
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Ashley Banek
Manager, Marketing & Communications
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Laurel Blaydes, BA
Manager, Education Programs & Services
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Tracy Blithe
Manager, Meeting Operations
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Laura Blum Meisnere
Vice-President, Health Policy
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Lydia Davis
Manager, Accounting
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Obse Debela
Manager, CME Programs & Services
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Brianna Gallagher
Associate Editor, HeartRhythm Journal
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Tyrene Haralson
Senior Director, Finance and Business Operations
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Alexandra Hart
Associate, Clinical Documents
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Molly Holt
Manager, HRS Conference Center & Meeting Operations Support
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Jennifer Johnson
Manager, Data and Salesforce Administration
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Tonia Jones
Manager, Corporate Relations & Program Development
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Daphne Keohane
Manager, Web Development
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Isabelle P. LeBlanc
Director, Health Policy
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Lori Monteleone
Director, HRS Publications & Managing Editor
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Kimberley Moore
Director, Reimbursement & Regulatory Affairs
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Kris Murphy
Senior Director, Marketing & Communications
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Kristin Murray
Editorial Associate
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Nancy Needel
Director, Meeting Operations
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Megan O'Neill
Associate, Content Marketing Manager
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David S. Raimist
Sr. Director, Digital Technology & Data Analyics
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Germaine Schaefer 
Sr. Director, Meetings
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Diana L. Schmidt
Director, Governance & Board Relations
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Anne Marie Smith
Vice-President, Quality Improvement Education
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Valentina Such
Associate, Clinical Documents
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Chloe Thomas, BA, MS
Director, Scientific Sessions & Education
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Jay Vegso
Sr. Director, Membership
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Moriah Vincent
Manager, Executive Office
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Russell Werlinich, CMP
Sr. Director, Education Program & Services
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Brandi White
Associate, Finance
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International Board of Heart Rhythm Examiners - IBHRE®

Tracy Lofty, CAE, MS
Executive Director, IBHRE
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Dana F. Reid, BA
Manager, Certification Services, IBHRE
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