HeartRhythm Journal

HeartRhythm, the official Journal of the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS), is the only EP publication serving the entire electrophysiology community from basic to clinical academic researchers, private practitioners, technicians, industry and trainees. All articles are peer-reviewed .

Accessing the Journal

All HRS members enjoy complimentary print and online subscriptions to HeartRhythm.

The journal is online at www.HeartRhythmJournal.com  (login required if you have not already logged in to HRSonline).

The HeartRhythm website offers additional value to journal readers accessing the publication online. Features include full access to journal studies to subscribers  and notations of the most read and most cited articles.

HeartRhythm App

Paid subscribers can now freely access HeartRhythm through the Health Advance Journals smartphone app in either the iTunes App store  for the iPhone or Google Play . To log in to the new app, enter the user ID and password you normally use on the journal's homepage . If you do not know your login or are having trouble, please visit the applications help page . You will then gain access to full text articles, abstracts, figures and tables, references and more!


About the Journal

The Journal addresses a broad range of topics affecting our EP world. Our major focus is on original research or therapy of heart rhythm disorders, including clinical and experimental aspects of mechanisms and electrophysiology, as well as genetics, ablation, devices, drugs, and surgery. Other sections include:

  • Unique Case Reports
  • Hands On
  • Unknown of the Month
  • Images with videos available online
  • Pacing/ICD Problems
  • Creative Concepts
  • EP News
  • Editorial Commentaries
  • Allied Professionals Section, and much more.